McCain Foods: A Corporate Website

Project focus

Food Industry, B2B, Sales Portal, Marketing

We bring enjoyment to people's lives through great tasting prepared potatoes & appetizers.
Agency: The Alchemedia Project
UX: Michael Peacock, Brad Hill, Wesley Noble
UI: Michael Peacock

I worked on this project while working working at the Alchemedia Project. We joined forces in an effort to help them differentiate from their competitors and speak to their ideal audience. After a brand refresh, we meticulously crafted their custom website to help better convert traffic.

This is where I stepped in. The company had just undergone a website redesign with a local brand designer within the past year, but I had identified a significant opportunity to not only improve their web presence, but infuse it with some solid brand character.

Reinforcing the brand

It was really important for OMG to feel like this site was a reflection of the company culture. It needed to be friendly and funny, but professional. The color palette was crucial in setting the tone. Leading with soft blues and accentuating with some of the bolder brand and service colors throughout created a hierarchy of its own. The dot pattern in the headers and the playful illustrations helped bring life to a brand that didn't have much in the way of visuals to support it.

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